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Metro Cruise 2009

We are currently planning on heading to Metro Cruise 2009 on Saturday, August 29. For those who do not know, this is sort of like the Woodward Dream Cruise for the west side of Michigan. This cruise happens in Grand Rapids, MI on 28th Street. Last year parked at the Grand Rapids Toyota/Scion dealership and will most like do the same this year. If any readers want to see the car or just hang out, feel free to stop by the dealership. If any readers own a Supra and want to park and show their ride with us, even better!

On the Road Again

The alternator I ordered last week from Gazi on the Club Lexus Forums finally arrived today and we took a few minutes to get it installed and push started the car.  Every time I have not driven the car for a long length of time I am always amazed at its performance and ride quality when I get back in it again to take it for a drive.  This was the case today having been garaged for several weeks now due to the failed alternator.  We took the car out and washed, detailed, and photographed it, then drove it around the greater Kalamazoo area for a bit while it was still sunny outside.  Following are some pictures.

Brief Updates

Just a few brief updates for our readers. The alternator decided to malfunction this weekend and we are now looking for a replacement. Most likely the internal regulator is what failed. The car will be down until we source a working alternator for it. If anyone has a lead on a 1992-93 Lexus SC400 1UZ-FE alternator shoot us a message.

Now on to the good news, after many requests, we have made our solid motor mount drawings available.  We removed one of the mounts, dimensioned it and then replaced it.  Our readers will find the detail and assembly drawings on the 1UZ-FE Supra Motor Mounts page in PDF format.  There are some restrictions and by viewing the drawings, the user agrees to the stated restrictions.

Westside XceedSpeed BBQ Photos

Photos from the Westside XceedSpeed BBQ held at the Mackey-Jaycee Park in Grand Rapids, MI on May 23, 2009.

Indy2k9 – Sunday

Better late than never.  Here are the pictures from Sunday during Indy2k9.  The group visited an abandoned industrial building for a quick photo op.

Grand Rapids Meet

We’ll be driving the 1UZ-powered Supra to the meet in Grand Rapids, MI this weekend on May 23.  We should arrive at Mackay-Jaycee Park around noon and spend a few hours there BBQ’ing with other car enthusiasts.  We’re looking forward to the event and will post pictures afterwards!

Details for the event may be found on XceedSpeed at

Indy2k9 – Saturday Results

Here are pictures from the Saturday events from Indy2k9.

GVSU Spring Car Show 2009

We attended the GVSU Spring Car Show 2009 on April 18, 2009. Great weather and a great turnout by all types of cars, both domestics and imports. Due to the problems with the Supra earlier this week we were unsure we would be able to make it but the problem was finally solved early Saturday morning, only ten hours before needing to leave for the show. Here are the pictures.

It Lives!

Good news! After swapping out both distributor caps and rotors, plus replacing both ignition coils, the car is running even better than it was before this problem appeared one week ago. Not a minute too late either as there is a car show at GVSU tomorrow which I had preregistered to attend.

More Test Results

Further test results reveal that it may be a faulty ignition coil. I measured the resistance of both ignition coils as well as the two cam sensors and the crank sensor. Here are the results:

Passenger side = LH
Driver side = RH

LH Coil primary – 0.5
LH Coil secondary – 11.90k
RH Coil primary – 0.7
RH coil secondary – 3.47k

LH cam sensor – 1082
RH cam sensor – 1091
Crank sensor – 1085

I am headed to the parts store to pick up a couple of ignition coils tonight and will be installing them along with the new dizzies and rotors with the hopes this will finally cure the issue I have been having since the beginning of the week with the rough idle and lack of power. Will keep everyone updated.

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