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Import Face Off at US131 MSP

I’ll be taking the Supra to show at the Import Face Off event being held at the US131 Motorsports Park in Martin, MI this Sunday, June 6. Here are the event details straight from the Import Face Off web site:

Watch our site for pictures and videos after the event.

Update: New Radiator

Took the Supra out for a spin today. Went to South Haven, then up the coast to Holland, wound around to Allegan where we did a circle around Allegan’s Dam Road, and finally returned to Kzoo. Great company, excellent drive, fantastic weather, and no leaks from the new radiator!

New Radiator

Last week I purchased a Megan Racing 3-row aluminum radiator for the Supra. The Megan Racing site warns there may be some trimming required to fit properly. The installation was straight forward, and some trimming was required as forewarned. The stock isolators on the bottom of the stock radiator were reused. The pins on the bottom of the Megan Racing radiator did not line up with the original holes so new holes were drilled in the isolators. After the isolators were finished, the radiator was flushed and installed, then tested at idle with no leaks. New top brackets will need to be fabricated due to the larger width of the radiator before the car is back on the road. The current plan is to fabricate these brackets after Thursday and have the car ready to perform a few high RPM runs in order to test for leaks.

Baby Registry

For those who have asked in the past, we finally put together a baby registry. The doctors are still firm on the due date during the first week of April which means the baby will be here before we know it and we need to be ready 🙂

Check it out at:

Quick Post: Forza 3

I was one of many who purchased Forza 3 at release and have been enthusiastically enjoying my play time with the game, what little time I get to play games these days. I was immensely surprised, and overjoyed, to find that my car, the 1UZ Supra, is in the game! Yes, my readers, people may build an MkIII Supra a 1UZ-FE engine swap. I found one small mistake which was after the engine swap, the game reports the weight of the car as slightly heavier when in actuality the car is lighter.

Winter in Michigan

The salt, er…Winter, season is nearly upon us here in Michigan. This means it is time to start thinking about storing the Supra over the Winter months and contemplate what to do with the project next. This Winter the Supra may only see slight improvements while funds are diverted to another project. Such improvements may include, but are not limited to the following in no particular order:

1. Fab up two sets of adjustable end-links for the anti-sway bars and get the rear trailing arms reinforced.
2. Get the ST anti-sway bars installed after #1 is completed.
3. Create a cover for the frame around the air filter.
4. Create a cover for the area between the front valence and the radiator
5. Get a new radiator
6. Get the differential rebuilt
7. Possibly swap the transmission mount for a solid mount
8. Try to clean up the engine bay
9. Get a battery tie-down and/or relocate the battery
10. Install keyless entry
11. Due some touch up work on the body and interior
12. Fix the tach so it is calibrated with the 1UZ instead of the previous engine
13. Fix the audio system
14. New wheels/tires
15. Swap to a speed/density setup and get rid of the AFM

2009 Best Sleeper, Toyota of Grand Rapids

As mentioned previously, we attended the 5th Annual Metro Cruise in Grand Rapids, MI this weekend. During the event, we showed the car at Toyota of Grand Rapids and were awarded the trophy for Best Sleeper! Quite a number of people commented on the stock look of the 1UZ-FE install. We would like to thank Isaac and Toyota of Grand Rapids for putting on the show during the Metro Cruise and toughing it out during the intermittent rain. We look forward to attending again next year, hopefully with additional stuff done with the car to improve it. Following are some of the pictures from the event.

5th Annual Metro Cruise – Final Details

Following are the official details for the show at Toyota of Grand Rapids during the 5th Annual Metro Cruise. We plan on showing the car again this year as well. Feel free to stop by and visit if you plan to be in the area! The show starts at 9:00 AM and continues until everyone leaves. Last year the show ended around 4:00-5:00 PM.

During the 5th Annual 28th St. Metro Cruise on August 29th, Toyota | Scion of Grand Rapids will be hosting a car show at the dealership. Entrance is free and any Toyota, Scion, or tuner is eligible. There will be prizes and trophies for the show winners.

Any questions please contact Isaac (the Scion Manager of Toyota | Scion GR)
@ 616.574.8100.

Hope to see you there!

Link to info on the Metro Cruise:
Dealer site:

Metro Cruise 2009

We are currently planning on heading to Metro Cruise 2009 on Saturday, August 29. For those who do not know, this is sort of like the Woodward Dream Cruise for the west side of Michigan. This cruise happens in Grand Rapids, MI on 28th Street. Last year parked at the Grand Rapids Toyota/Scion dealership and will most like do the same this year. If any readers want to see the car or just hang out, feel free to stop by the dealership. If any readers own a Supra and want to park and show their ride with us, even better!

On the Road Again

The alternator I ordered last week from Gazi on the Club Lexus Forums finally arrived today and we took a few minutes to get it installed and push started the car.  Every time I have not driven the car for a long length of time I am always amazed at its performance and ride quality when I get back in it again to take it for a drive.  This was the case today having been garaged for several weeks now due to the failed alternator.  We took the car out and washed, detailed, and photographed it, then drove it around the greater Kalamazoo area for a bit while it was still sunny outside.  Following are some pictures.

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