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July 26, 2017

After too long of a delay, with life happening, buying a house, new job, etc, I made the decision not to twin turbo the 1UZFE powered Supra and reassemble it back to working condition.  Instead over the next couple of years, I will seek other potential modifications but maintain the car in running condition so I and the family can enjoy it instead of it sitting in the garage in pieces while I decide what to do.

The current goal now is to have it re-assembled by August 25, 2017.  I had been shooting for this coming weekend, July 29, 2017 but ran into an issue whereby the replacement exhaust manifolds I purchased after hacking up the SC400 manifolds ended up being too large (LS400 manifolds for the record) so the engine could not be dropped back into the car.  Now I’m on hold until I can obtain a set of SC400 manifolds.

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