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Project Delays

August 12, 2013

The 1UZ-FETT project continues to be delayed, but for good reasons. With the purchase of a home which includes a 32×40 pole barn, the project was moved to its new home. The new garage needs to be organized now and all of the parts found in order to continue working on the project with what little time is available between getting settled in at the new place, family, work, and school. Work on the project should pick back up later this Winter.

A 1998 Toyota Supra Sport (turbo automatic with LSD rear) was also picked up for a parts car although it is in good condition and has almost half the mileage on its chassis as the other two Supras! It just lacks an engine but hey, it was purchased for parts, not as another project. Once we have all of the parts we need, we may consider selling off some of the remaining parts so watch for a possible part out next year.

The 1989 Toyota Supra will be changed over to an automatic configuration along with receiving a larger intercooler, front facing intake manifold, and most likely the MS3/MS3x treatment. Hoping to start pushing for the 500HP mark next year! Once parts swaps are complete and it is tuned, there will be some bits up for sale from that project as well.

We may be cruising the 2013 Metro Cruise on Friday this year so keep an eye out for us and say hi if you see us! That’s all for now. Stay tuned as the winter months approach and projects start up again.

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