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New Radiator

March 28, 2010

Last week I purchased a Megan Racing 3-row aluminum radiator for the Supra. The Megan Racing site warns there may be some trimming required to fit properly. The installation was straight forward, and some trimming was required as forewarned. The stock isolators on the bottom of the stock radiator were reused. The pins on the bottom of the Megan Racing radiator did not line up with the original holes so new holes were drilled in the isolators. After the isolators were finished, the radiator was flushed and installed, then tested at idle with no leaks. New top brackets will need to be fabricated due to the larger width of the radiator before the car is back on the road. The current plan is to fabricate these brackets after Thursday and have the car ready to perform a few high RPM runs in order to test for leaks.

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