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Winter in Michigan

October 11, 2009

The salt, er…Winter, season is nearly upon us here in Michigan. This means it is time to start thinking about storing the Supra over the Winter months and contemplate what to do with the project next. This Winter the Supra may only see slight improvements while funds are diverted to another project. Such improvements may include, but are not limited to the following in no particular order:

1. Fab up two sets of adjustable end-links for the anti-sway bars and get the rear trailing arms reinforced.
2. Get the ST anti-sway bars installed after #1 is completed.
3. Create a cover for the frame around the air filter.
4. Create a cover for the area between the front valence and the radiator
5. Get a new radiator
6. Get the differential rebuilt
7. Possibly swap the transmission mount for a solid mount
8. Try to clean up the engine bay
9. Get a battery tie-down and/or relocate the battery
10. Install keyless entry
11. Due some touch up work on the body and interior
12. Fix the tach so it is calibrated with the 1UZ instead of the previous engine
13. Fix the audio system
14. New wheels/tires
15. Swap to a speed/density setup and get rid of the AFM

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  1. 1SLW7M permalink

    Rather then switch to speed density and change the way the signals are sent to the computer, why not look into an Adaptronic stand-alone ecu for the motor? They are extremely affordable and is what all of the big guys in Australia use for a computer. Just a thought for ya 🙂

    • admin permalink

      I would definitely be switching over to either a piggy back or a full stand-alone solution. I heard the Links are good stand-alone ecus as well. Besides the Adaptronic and Link, I have also been considering some form of Megasquirt. Lots of information to review before making a decision as well as quite a bit of ground to cover in my list I posted so hopefully I’ll get to this item budget and time allowing.

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