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More Test Results

April 18, 2009

Further test results reveal that it may be a faulty ignition coil. I measured the resistance of both ignition coils as well as the two cam sensors and the crank sensor. Here are the results:

Passenger side = LH
Driver side = RH

LH Coil primary – 0.5
LH Coil secondary – 11.90k
RH Coil primary – 0.7
RH coil secondary – 3.47k

LH cam sensor – 1082
RH cam sensor – 1091
Crank sensor – 1085

I am headed to the parts store to pick up a couple of ignition coils tonight and will be installing them along with the new dizzies and rotors with the hopes this will finally cure the issue I have been having since the beginning of the week with the rough idle and lack of power. Will keep everyone updated.

From → Lexus, Supra

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