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Suspension Nearly Complete

March 28, 2009

The new balljoints and Megan Racing track-series coilovers were installed this past week.  I started the installation on Wednesday after work and finally wrapped it up earlier today having put a little bit of time into the project each day between other commitments.  I had to go out and purchase a balljoint fork since I did not have one on my toolbox here at the garage but otherwise I had all other tools required.

The rear struts provided a bit of difficulty slipping them into the bottom mounts on each of the suspension arms.  There is what appears to be a steel insert on the bottom mounts and insert on the driver’s side suspension mount liked to catch the coilover and move it towards the inside or outside of the mounting point. Otherwise everything else went smoothly and I did not have to remove the front inner wheel well covers or the windshield wiper cleaner reservoir although the front passenger side A-arm bolt nearly became stuck behind the reservoir so for future recommendation it is a good idea to remove the reservoir which only adds a couple of extra minutes to the over all job.

Following are pictures from before the suspension upgrade and still with the 7M-GTE installed, then a picture of the Supra before the suspension upgrade and with the 1UZ-FE installed, then finally with the coilovers installed and adjusted for ride height and underbody parts clearance.  I have not yet installed the Suspension Techniques anti-sway bars since I still required new end-links, new bushings for the front bar and will most likely have new mounting tabs welded to the rear suspension arms to avoid the known issue of the stock tabs break off.

Supra Suspension

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