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Drive Shaft Arrived and Installed!

March 10, 2009

The Shaftmasters aluminum drive shaft arrived a couple of weeks ago and has since been installed. Due to the warmer weather this past weekend here in Michigan I decided to put the drive shaft to the test and wake the car from its Winter hibernation. Below is a picture of the OEM 2-piece drive shaft next to the Shaftmaster drive shaft.

From Supra Suspension

There is definitely a noticeable difference between the steel 2-piece shaft and the aluminum shaft both in weight and response.  Torque comes on much more sudden as the clutch engages and in fact I may need to purchase a new pressure plate and clutch as it seems the 2-piece was absorbing some of the twist by wrapping in the carrier bearing. Although there could be some corrosion on the steel flywheel from sitting during the Winter, the clutch would slip in first and second gears when I first rolled out onto the street. Once on the highway and accelerating up to the speed limit there was no noticeable vibration, Shaftmasters did a great job of balancing this light drive shaft.  Again there was no hesitation when over taking and passing cars.

I look forward to receiving the Megan Racing track series coilovers as soon as they are no longer on back order as well as installing new front lower ball joints and the ST anti-sway bars.  The car should handle quite a bit better than it currently does on the original 196k mile suspension.

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