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Phase II Started, Suspension Rebuild

February 17, 2009

With tax refunds already back, and the bills paid, I now have a budget again to move forward with Phase II of the project which has become the phase to rebuild the aging suspension of the Supra.  In that regard, I placed an order for the track series Megan Racing coilovers last night (watch for vendor link soon!) which will help to provide a much stiffer ride than the current 196k+ mile struts on the car and they will help re-level the car since the Megan coilovers are height adjustable which will address the problem of the front now sitting higher due to the lighter engine.

I also just got off the phone with David over at Shaftmasters here in Michigan where I ordered a balanced, 1-pc Aluminum drive shaft for the MkIII Supra.  Shaftmasters has received excellent reviews on Supramania and they also have a great price and warranty on their products.  It also helps they are just located across the state so if I have any issues I can just drive over there.  I’ll be talking with Jeff Watson later today down at Champion Toyota (see side bar for vendor links) to order the two front lower ball joints and ordering new bushings from either Suspension Techniques or Energy Suspension to replace the well used bushings on the ST sway-bars I picked up used from Dr. Jonez before installing the sways on the car.

I am looking forward to providing more pictures as the parts arrive and get installed as well as new videos and parts reviews.  Stay tuned and return to the site often for new updates as we enter Phase II of the project!

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