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New project?

January 5, 2009

After the previous season ended and the car went back in the garage for winter hibernation, I began having post project depression.  Although there are several things still planned for the car, the major items have been taken care of in the way of installing the engine, transmission, and sorting the wiring.  While I slowly collect the parts required to rebuild the suspension and add some form of forced induction, I am already looking forward to the next project.

On that note, I plan to eventually acquire a another vehicle to use year-round. While the Supra is only driven during the warmer months here in Michigan, I need another vehicle that can be driven year-round.  The requirements are simple.  While we reside here in Michigan, we would like a vehicle that is not only common with easy to find parts, but also be four wheel or all wheel driven.  Both the Supra and this other vehicle will be a team effort between my wife and I and we look forward to showing the two vehicles together.  Watch this site over the next few months as we search for another vehicle and who knows, it may receive the 1UZ treatment as well!

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