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Coolant Issue

December 1, 2008

I may have some bad news although it is still too early to tell.  I visited the 1UZ Supra in its storage garage today to start it up and go through its warm up cycle and charge the battery since it is parked for the winter.  I plan on doing this each month and this is the first full month (been stored for 1.5 months so far).  It appears that I may have misjudged my antifreeze mixture (used ELF coolant and tested with an antifreeze bulb tester, the one with all of the colored balls in it) and how cold it could get in the garage since as the car warmed up, I noticed water leaking into my catch pan beneath the car on the passenger side towards the front of the engine, usually where the power steering fluid likes to leak from as well (hence having a catch pan until I fix the PS leak).

Since I was checking on the car late in the day, had no shop lights with me and a winter storm advisory was in effect for most of West Michigan I decided to top off the radiator with straight coolant while the car was warming up. The radiator was low but I also have a leak at the rear of the water pump where the hard line interfaces with it and the o-ring has not yet been replaced but this leaks into the valley of the block.  As soon as I have a free day during one of the upcoming weekends I will have to get out to the garage again to see if I can track down the leak.  I am keeping my fingers crossed I haven’t sustained any damage to the engine.

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