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Weight and Exhaust Tone

August 21, 2008

I finally had some time today to take a short video of the new exhaust.  Unfortunately, either due to the garage opening behind the camera or the camera’s microphone itself, the tone is much lower than it is in real life but it gives a general idea of how the car sounds now.

I also took the car to the scales again, the same I used when the project first started. To refresh everyone’s memory, with a half a tank of fuel, the Supra with a 7M-GTE mated to the R154 weighed in at 3600 pounds. This is the targa equipped car as well. This time around, again with a half tank of fuel, the Supra with a 1UZ-FE mated to the R154 weighs 3540 pounds.

From → Lexus, Supra

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