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Lighting Issue Resolved

August 19, 2008

Fixed the lighting issue!  Drove it around town for a few minutes to run a couple of errands, what a blast.  Just need to put the interior back together now and  put the ECU back in the glove box so it isn’t just hanging there in the passenger side.  Took everything out while troubleshooting and it ended up being something extremely simple and not even related to the exhaust work.

While re-looming the harness, I had snipped the lug off of the original alternator connection which binds two large black wires.  Before I snipped the lug, I had measured 12v there, so I snipped it since I would not be using it so I could fit the wires into the loom and reduce the risk of shorting out on something.  Well, come to find out, these two wires need to be bound together for the lights to work.

Watch for videos later this week plus a new weight measurement of the completed swap (won’t say completed project since there are numerous other things to be replaced yet such as suspension, drive shaft, etc which could alter the final weight as well).  Just recall, with the 7M-GTE in my targa model with a 1/2 tank of fuel, the car weighed in at 3600lbs.  Should see a weight savings, just now sure by how much.  Looking forward to rolling onto the scales later this week!

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