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The Good and the Bad

August 17, 2008

I have good news and I have bad news.  The Supra is back from the exhaust shop, sounds amazing and the combination of the R154 and 3.9 rear seem to match the engine pretty well.  I won’t know until I really get to drive the car for a bit longer.  Just driving the car from the shop to home was amazing!  The power comes on right away and the exhaust note starts out being very quiet at idle to really opening up at the higher RPM range.  The exhaust shop did an excellent job.

Now for the bad news.  When I trailered the car to the shop, all lights were working except for the dome lights which have never worked for me.  When I left the shop and drove home, my chase vehicle immediately noticed the car had no brake lights.  Currently the only lights working on the car are the headlights, backup lights, and blinkers.  Nothing else is working.  When I check the fusible links in the engine bay, I have 12V where I should but when I check the interior fuses, I do not have 12V at the stoplights or tail lights fuses.  Fuses are good, ground at the back of the car is good (checked from the ground point to the negative terminal of the battery).  When I go to measure 12V at either fuse to a ground under the dash, no 12V.  I won’t get out to the garage again to do any further tracing until most likely Wednesday or Thursday. If I understand the TEWD correctly, at least the stoplights are not inhibited by the Integration Relay so even if it were to have gone bad, the stop lights would still work.

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