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Nearly Complete

August 3, 2008

This weekend was an eventful one.  The engine bay wiring was completed and loomed, the e-fan was tested although the temperature still needs to be independently verified, the Spectre 3″ MAF adapter was installed, and the hood was re-attached.

The front interior was also reassembled today.  All loose wires in the wiring harness were capped and zipped tied up out of the way, the center surround was reinstalled and the blinkers and radio tested, the ECU and harness were placed in the glove box as a temporary home and the glove box and lower interior piece were reinstalled.  The front interior just needs a good vacuuming now to suck up the bits of wire and insulation left over from the installation.

The hatch interior pieces will be reassembled after I run new speaker connections to bypass the stock speaker locations. I plan on running the 6.5″ fronts and installing one or two small subwoofers in the rear for low-end filler.  However this will be done at a much later date as it does not affect the current project nor would it delay putting the car on the road.

At this point the only thing left to do to put the car on the road is to take it to the exhaust shop to get the exhaust fabbed up.  This will most likely happen sometime during the next couple of weeks and I am shooting to have the car on the road by August 17 or 18, although it will really depend on how backlogged the exhaust shop is with work.  Once the car is on the road the sorting/on-road testing will be started at which time I plan on driving it as a daily driver on short runs around town and slowly extending those drives out to cross-state trips until I am satisfied the car is ready for longer drives such as to Chicago or St. Louis.

While I wait on the exhaust to be fabricated I will be updating/creating and publishing the project parts list with prices and vendors as well as producing a wiring guide for the ’87 Toyota Supra since some wires are slightly different than those found on the ’89+ although most differences are just connector differences there are some small gotchas hidden in there.  Just a remind that this was not a full conversion as the A/C and heat abilities were not kept.  The A/C equipment in the engine bay and on the engine were removed and the heater hoses were looped at the engine.  This car is never driven in the winter, although heat may be added at a later date for those cold days which bracket the salt season here in Michigan.

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