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Quick Update X

August 2, 2008

I finished the wiring of the 1UZ temperature sensor as well as the e-fan today. Just need to verify the temperature is within a safe operating range once the gauge indicates the system is at operating temp.  It turns out the 1UZ temperature sensor resistance range is only slightly different than the original Supra 7M-GE/GTE sensor.

I also wrapped up looming all of the remaining loose wires in the engine bay today and installed the 7M-GE throttle cable which is required for those performing the swap from a 7M-GTE engine to the 1UZ engine. Tomorrow I plan on wrapping up the interior wiring, hopefully mounting the 1UZ ECU in the original location of the 7M ECU, and installing the hood. I still need to get a new air filter and box in the frame work around it along with fixing the PS pump leak and getting a battery tie down on the battery. I’ll also need to figure out why the ABS is throwing a code now (haven’t gone through the diagnostics yet on it). I also have an occasional stumble at idle after warm-up which could be either a vacuum leak or the fuel pump may be going bad (noted a miss in the fuel pump during testing today, will have to monitor the fuel pressure).

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