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Success…sort of!

July 11, 2008

So yeah it ends up I was not getting spark for some reason and since there was no ignition signal, the ECU would not fire the injectors (no injector ‘noise’ could be heard).

Good news! Today I started pulling off the covers so I could get at the coil plugs to see if they were sparking and it lit off (guess there was some fuel in the cylinders after all) with a small backfire. Seems that while I was messing around in the wiring I may have somehow put the ECU into ‘limp’ mode or even overloaded it so it went into protection mode (if such a thing exists).

So I put the coil wire back on the dizzy and was able to get it to kind of start just from the residual fuel in the rails from when I had the pump pressurize the system. I reactivated the fuel pump and she fired right up!! What a wonderful sound. I only ran the engine for ~1 minute since there is no coolant in the system yet, a couple of the PS connectors are leaking (one really losing fluid, nice puddle under it when I turned it off), and the fuel supply line is leaking after all right where I suspected it might so I need to get a different AN adapter for it because the current adapter is a flush adapter and the fuel line on the Supra is flared which means it just isn’t sealing against anything. Oil pressure looked real good at close to 90psi on the dash gauge (what a change from the 7M!).

New codes taken today:

ECT Sensor Signal – Going to check resistance tomorrow. Wondering if it may not be getting a reading since there is no fluid even in the system yet?

IAT Sensor Signal – Checked the MAF connection and it is good, next I’ll need to check the resistance here and find out if I am within tolerances or wiring is incorrect.

Sub O2S Signal – none installed, only main is installed

Sub O2S – none installed, only main is installed

TP Sensor Signal – checked connections, reseated, correct connector on correct TP, need to check for voltage/signal and resistance

Sub TP Sensor – TRAC is not installed

Fuel Pump Control – FPC is not installed

So I need to start working towards eliminating these codes as well as the leaks 🙂 Plus the rest of the list which consists of wrapping up the cooling system, replacing the master/slave clutch cylinders, getting the exhaust welded up, re-looming some of the wires and getting the ECU bolted into place as a minimum and then working beautification/simplification as time allows 🙂 Thanks again for the great advice everyone. I am sure I will still have questions moving forward as I get everything put back together and sorting the car out on some trips. As I get things sorted out I will add to the wiring knowledge base for those working on pre-89 chassis swaps.

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