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Quick Update IX

July 10, 2008

Getting a bit further now. Fuel pump is up and running with the ignition key in the ON position. Starter is still working 🙂 I even got the check engine light working and had it output the codes today. Good news is I have not found any gas leaks in any of the new connections yet on the new fuel lines. Bad news is two of the power steering fittings I had put on are leaking (may not have tightened enough, they are NPT type JIC fittings) and the car still does not start. I believe the codes currently being output by the ECU may contain the problem:

OBD1 codes:

Ignition Signal

Ignition Signal

ECT Sensor Signal

IAT Sensor Signal

TP Sensor Signal

Sub TP Sensor

Having used the drawing (version 2) from the thread that Anodyne (member of Lextreme forums) pointed me to, I made sure EO1, EO2, E1, and E2 are all grounded. IGN+, NSW, +B, and +B1 are all on switched 12V, the W (Check engine light) is connected through the dash, back to the fuse and switched on with switched power (I think this is obvious since I got the above codes from it, lol), and +BATT is permanently supplied with 12V.

I am going to check the TP sensors tomorrow, it may be possible I mixed the two up when I was reconnecting the harness. Can the two ignitors be swapped around without affecting the system? It may be possible I have their connectors connected in the wrong order as well. The ECT….if this is the automatic transmission, of course it isn’t connected. Not sure what is up with the IAT, going to go look this up to see how to diagnose it (part of the MAF?)

Any input would greatly be appreciated.

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