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Quick Update VII

July 5, 2008

We’re getting close now. This update is actually two updates rolled into one. First, the engine is now mostly complete. I am still trying to source a lower radiator hose and cooling fan(s) plus the exhaust will need to be completed once the car is running. Pictures of the nearly complete engine are now at:

Project Update 06302008

The second update is regarding the wiring. The information I have been able to find thus far has always pertained to the post-’89 Supras so some of my wiring does not quite match the information I have and I am looking for further information, especially if anyone has an ’87 Toyota Supra TEWD available as well as the wiring diagrams for the ’93 SC400 with wire colors as well (not just the ECU pinouts). Here are pictures of my current wiring mess with temporary crimped connections used to make sure I am making the correct connection before going back to solder and apply a shrink tube. Captions with the photos describe what is being shown. Any insight is much appreciated. Right now I have the car lights and dash working again, but the fuel pump and starter are not activating (clutch pedal switch is jumpered at the moment). Any help at this point would be immensely appreciated.


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