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Quick Update IV

June 9, 2008

Fuel lines arrive at the beginning of last week and I had a chance this past weekend to finally work with the car between the several severe thunderstorms that rolled through SW Michigan.  I was able to route the supply and return fuel lines and find I had enough room for the path I was taking them.  I will need to purchase some P-clamps (right name?) to hold the hose in place against the frame and a couple of clamps to hold the two hoses to each other as well.

I was also able to start the wiring, after having pulled the wire harness through the firewall.  I started at the fusebox in the engine bay by following Jake’s wiring write-up both on his web site and on Lextreme. Some of my wire colors are different since I am wiring an ’87 7M-GTE harness to a ’93 1UZ-FE but I’ll hopefully have everything sorted in the next week or two.

I also had a surprise tonight.  The motor mount fabricator stopped by with the passenger and driver side prototypes to fit to the car.  Only slight adjustments needed to be made so my measurements were quite close having only used a tape measure and presentation foam board! He will be making the single adjustment needed to each mount, then making the final weld and I should have them by the end of this week and installed in the car by the weekend!  This is an extremely exciting time as yet another milestone in the project will be reached.

If anyone knows an easy shortcut to assembling Super Stock AN fittings and hose, please contact me!

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