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Engine Mount Construction

May 29, 2008

With the centered and leveled in the engine bay of the Supra, I have finally been able to take some measurements and mock up motor mounts out of foam board. I have sent my rough drawings over to a friend who will be drawing and modeling them in SolidWorks before we submit them to the machinist for fabrication. Hopefully not much longer now before I can finally bolt the engine down and get to work on installing the timing belt kit amongst other items. For my viewers’ pleasure I have taken photos of the various clearances involved with this engine swap when using a pre-89 sub-frame.


There are some shots of the a partial mock up of the passenger side motor mount as well as a shot at the end showing the clearances once the A/C compressor is installed. I am leaning heavily towards not reinstalling the A/C and instead removing and packing up the equipment. I also have two short videos I will be uploading shortly which get in closer to the driver and passenger side engine mount areas, again to show some of the tight clearances and some of the interferences as well!

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