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Install Day Arrives!

May 3, 2008

Today was the day we finally dropped the 1UZ-FE engine into its new home, the 1987 Toyota Supra. Having been the first time I have attempted this swap, it took approximately five to six hours to hoist the engine and set it into the engine bay. Some of the complications observed during this time were as follows:

The oil pan’s flange on the ’93 Lexus SC400 1UZ-FE engine is slightly larger than the distance between the engine mount installation area on the 1987 sub-frame of the Supra. To avoid breaking the O2 sensors or shearing their wire harnesses, they had to be removed and the engine had to be tilted to one side in order to get the flange on one side below the engine mount area before working to get the opposite side below the other engine mount area. It is best if the passenger side is dropped first, then the driver’s side, otherwise the brake proportioning valve interferes with the valve cover and the exhaust manifold interferes with the steering column.

All of the harnesses which run along the side of each valve cover/head should be unbolted and set out of the way, otherwise they get pinched and leave little side-to-side maneuvering room. Also, removing the A/C compressor, power steering pump, and alternator free up some more room to shift the engine around within the engine bay.

With the transmission mounted as far forward as possible, there is very little room between the rear of the engine and the firewall. Heater hoses should be interesting to route and connect between the engine and firewall.

The exhaust manifolds from the SC400 will fit in the MkIII Supra engine bay after the removal of the heat shields and weld nuts, which is required to avoid interference with the steering column. The fuel supply and return lines will both need to have some sort of heat shielding on them to avoid vapor locking, heating of the fuel, and possible contact with the exhaust manifold.

Now for the pictures!

1UZ Engine Installation

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