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Quick Update II

April 27, 2008

I recently ordered the LS400 fan bracket and pulley, EGR block off kit, and exhaust flanges from Lextreme.  All parts have arrived.  The LS400 fan bracket and pulley will be installed after the timing belt kit has been installed since this piece would have to come off during the timing belt installation.  The EGR block off kit installed with only one minor hitch.  Additional washers had to be used on the driver’s side of the UIM since the studs from the EGR valve mounting plate are not threaded all the way to the plenum. I also ended up snapping one bolt off which will eventually need to be drilled out.

The high pressure power steering line is still at the shop being remanufactured with JIC connectors and new rubber hoses.  The hard line may have to be scrapped and a new one created if the shop cannot get 8mm JIC crimp on connectors since the 3/8″ style JIC connectors will not seal properly.  I hope to have this line back by May 3, since we intend to drop the engine into the Supra engine bay on Saturday, weather permitting.

Good news, it appears the A/C hose manifold on the Supra A/C compressor can be mounted on the SC400 A/C compressor meaning I may not have to have new A/C lines created, but I will still need to have the system charged and have it sniffed for leaks since it is an old system.

Looking forward to Saturday when we drop the engine into the bay.  Watch the site for pictures of the installation!

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