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Quick update

April 9, 2008

Engine is all back together now with the new (used/uncut) wiring harness installed. Looks like Lexus may have changed a few items mid-year in ’93. I had two connectors which differed. One was the water temp in the front bridge and the second is the oil pressure indicator sensor (which is getting pulled and swapped for the Supra oil pressure sensor which requires a connector change anyway).

I also took some green and blue scrub pads to the engine bay and removed most of the buildup of grime and grease I could reach. Next up is to sand and clean the corroded spots from the previous owner where he let the battery drip acid (guy must have never done a lick of preventive maintenance on this car). As soon as I get the PS line converted and the ABS and rear light connectors wired, I should be ready to drop the engine into the bay and finish up wiring while I wait for some engine mounts.



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