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Progress Update – Wiring

March 9, 2008

This weekend I managed to remove the old wiring harness from the 1UZ-FE engine. In doing so I also removed the starter since both the upper intake manifold (UIM) and lower intake manifold (LIM) were out of the way. Whoever designed the engine and placed the starter in an area which requires so much disassembly should be fired. In my not so humble opinion, this is an excellent example of a bad design decision and/or compromise.

If I were to leave the starter installed as-is, it would require not only the same components to be removed in the future, but also require the transmission to be removed as well due to the interference of the new transmission adapter and the direction the starter mounting hardware is removed. When I reinstall the starter, I will be using new mounting hardware in order to have the ability to remove the starter without dropping the transmission. I will still need to remove the UIM and LIM but I have no other choice unless I want to push start the car every time I need to use it.

While I had the intakes and starter removed, I took the liberty of vacuuming out the valley in the middle of the block. One would not believe how much dirt, leaves and other miscellaneous bits had collected in this area!. Next weekend I plan on starting to install the replacement wiring harness, although I will have to wait to finish the installation until I have obtain new intake gaskets, starter mounting hardware, and a new starter.

After I complete the installation of the wiring harness it should be time to finally connect and install the transmission adapter, flywheel (temporarily mounted at the moment), clutch kit, and transmission. After the transmission is mounted, I will then move on to tearing the front part of the engine apart to replace the timing belt and various preventive maintenance items such as cam and crank seals, water pump, timing belt idler, and timing belt tensioner. Next up would be to wire the reverse lights connection and the ABS connection on the transmission and then move the engine/transmission into the engine bay where I can wrap up the wiring conversion and get to work on plumbing everything while I mock up engine mounts and have them fabricated.

At this point it now looks like I will not hit my mid-April deadline as I warned in the beginning of the project due to budgetary concerns, vendor lead times, and travel requirements of my employment. However, I am still enthusiastic and now hope to finish by the end of May. Hopefully the schedule will not continue to slip. I will continue to post updates here as I complete more of the project, as well as schedule updates too if it looks like I have made up time or am slipping again.

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