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October 18, 2007

The 1UZ-Powered Supras site will follow my project build as I swap out the 7M-GTE engine in my 1987 Toyota Supra for a Lexus SC400 1UZ-FE engine. I will keep a detailed project log here on the site for all to view and refer to as well as provide links to various sources such as other enthusiasts’ projects, automotive forums, and vendors.

I am currently looking at a multi-stage build-out:

Stage 1 (Year 1, November 2007 – April 2008)
Get the motor installed with the R154 manual tranny, wired, and running by the spring thaw. This will require engine mount fabrication, bell housing adapter fabricated, new exhaust, hybrid wiring harness, ECU, misc. hoses and cables, electric fan setup with thermostatic switch plus manual switch in parallel for backup, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate. If I want to keep it, A/C will also have to be re-plumbed and recharged as well (I may lose the A/C
due to Stage 2 exhaust plumbing).

Stage 2 (Year 2)
Next winter when it gets parked again, tear it out, build up the turbo system or go with an M90 supercharger, drop it back in and get it tuned. Not sure if I will go low boost to avoid needing to change the internals (10:1 compression stock) or change the internals, have the block and heads decked, and install MHGs to go high boost. Of course all of the other parts which come along with running forced-induction setups will also need to be sources such as larger injectors, rising rate AFPR, more plumbing, stand alone EMS, etc.

Stage 3 (Year 3 or 4)
Re-paint time. Going for a deep, extremely dark blue. Will most likely take out the engine again and have the engine bay done as well.

There will also be sub-stages inbetween the main stages. After Stage 1 is complete, I’ll need to get new suspension (already need it, as good a time as any to get it after the swap) since the car will sit a bit higher in the front because of the weight difference let alone not accounting for moving the battery to the rear and the possibility of also getting a composite hood too. Will need to get coilovers so I can adjust the ride height to compensate and then work on corner weighting as needed. I will also need a better brake system, larger calipers/rotors, especially once Stage 2 is complete to take into account the extra power.

As one can see, lots of work. And to extend it further and possibly delay Stage 2 and 3, I will be hunting for a burgundy (or some other red) colored 87-88′ Supra for my wife and she will most likely follow the same build with it as well (except it will be an automatic) and then paint it a deep black cherry color.

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