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1UZ-FE Supra Project Motor Mounts

I have attached the detail and assembly drawings for the solid motor mounts I designed for this project.  The detail drawing consists of the individual parts and dimensions for the driver side motor mount.  The assembly drawing shows the passenger side motor mount assembled.  Commercial use of these drawings and the design is prohibited without express written permission from the author.  Author shall not be held liable for any damage, personal or property, from the use or misuse of these mounts.  Fitment varies per vehicle, tack weld for fitment then perform final welds. By viewing the drawings, the user agrees to the stated restrictions above and within the drawings.


Creative Commons License
1987-88 Supra 1UZ-FE Engine Mounts by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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  1. Are these designed to work with the stock 1UZ bushings, or is there no bushings at all with the use of these mounts?

    • Solid mounts, no bushings. The engine is so well balanced from the factory and I have felt no more vibration inside the car than with the stock 7MGTE that it replaced which had the OEM mounts.

  2. hey would you be able to update you parts drawings as there are a few dimensions missing mainly the width of the mount plate and the height and width of your shims. Also how many shims had you intended for each side as i intend to modify the design to use poly mounts. further more i’m guessing the back plate is intended to be used as a washer for the slotted hole. cheers Matt

    • Hi Matt, thanks for your interest. The shims will be the same size as the mount plate height and width. I made two per side and ended up only using one or two on the driver’s side. The shims are just there to take in any imperfections between the mounts and sub-frame mount points to get the engine as level as possible side-to-side. As for the mount plate dimensions themselves they are square at 1-13/16+15/16 = 2-3/4″ if my math is correct. The hole was center drilled then slotted 5/16″ towards front of vehicle (I wasn’t sure of exact placement so this gave me some leeway). You are correct about the back plate. The sub-frame mounts just seemed too thin to me for running solid mounts and I was afraid they’d wing out from the torque being transferred along the solid mount. I’m sure you’re aware, but please keep in mind these were designed for the 87-88 sub-frame. The later sub-frame had a different angle at the mount points. Cheers and good luck with your project, Mike

      • Thanks heaps Mike really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in to document the swap.

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