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Progress Update

I finally got the SC400 manifolds in and bolted up to the engine.  Engine dropped down just as it should so that shows just how limited the space is between the side walls of the engine bay and the manifolds along the proving there is a definite difference in dimensions between the LS400 and SC400 exhaust manifolds.  Not to mention there is a difference in the angle and rotation of the exhaust manifolds outlets between the different models.  Why Toyota/Lexus did this is beyond me, seems like an added cost to have to have several different exhaust manifolds for the same engine.  The new goal now is to have it all back in running condition by Spring here in Michigan but right now it is just too cold to work on it out in the garage.


After too long of a delay, with life happening, buying a house, new job, etc, I made the decision not to twin turbo the 1UZFE powered Supra and reassemble it back to working condition.  Instead over the next couple of years, I will seek other potential modifications but maintain the car in running condition so I and the family can enjoy it instead of it sitting in the garage in pieces while I decide what to do.

The current goal now is to have it re-assembled by August 25, 2017.  I had been shooting for this coming weekend, July 29, 2017 but ran into an issue whereby the replacement exhaust manifolds I purchased after hacking up the SC400 manifolds ended up being too large (LS400 manifolds for the record) so the engine could not be dropped back into the car.  Now I’m on hold until I can obtain a set of SC400 manifolds.

Delays, Delays, and Weather

Normally the winter season is a time to work on the large projects, mine being the 1UZ-FETT project.  However, with an unheated/uninsulated workspace and subzero/single digit temperatures the project continues to remain stalled.  Needless to say, although I like winter, I am ready for it to start warming up so I can wire up the 240V for the welder and get back to work on the project!

Project Delays

The 1UZ-FETT project continues to be delayed, but for good reasons. With the purchase of a home which includes a 32×40 pole barn, the project was moved to its new home. The new garage needs to be organized now and all of the parts found in order to continue working on the project with what little time is available between getting settled in at the new place, family, work, and school. Work on the project should pick back up later this Winter.

A 1998 Toyota Supra Sport (turbo automatic with LSD rear) was also picked up for a parts car although it is in good condition and has almost half the mileage on its chassis as the other two Supras! It just lacks an engine but hey, it was purchased for parts, not as another project. Once we have all of the parts we need, we may consider selling off some of the remaining parts so watch for a possible part out next year.

The 1989 Toyota Supra will be changed over to an automatic configuration along with receiving a larger intercooler, front facing intake manifold, and most likely the MS3/MS3x treatment. Hoping to start pushing for the 500HP mark next year! Once parts swaps are complete and it is tuned, there will be some bits up for sale from that project as well.

We may be cruising the 2013 Metro Cruise on Friday this year so keep an eye out for us and say hi if you see us! That’s all for now. Stay tuned as the winter months approach and projects start up again.

Scion Toyota of Grand Rapids Epic Fail

Had a great time with Dave in his Saab, Kenny in his black Subaru and Lisa in her silver Supra parking in hostile territory at 28th Street Metro Cruise 2012 in Roger’s Plaza. Too bad Toyota Scion of Grand Rapids flaked out on us this year. For the past 4-5 years the Toyota and Scion community has been proudly displaying their cars on the lot for the event (just see my albums from the events). Unfortunately this year there was no event and the employees at the lot didn’t even know what we were talking about. One employee was helpful enough to find out whether the usual event coordinator was available (he wasn’t) and then ask two others who knew nothing. One employee was rather rude and while we were trying to figure out where to go instead came out to tell us we had to leave because they had customers even though we were not blocking any of their “customers” from entering and looking at cars on the lot. It is a shame we will no longer be seeking to display our Toyotas at their lot for future events as it is evident they are no longer enthusiast friendly.

No New Progress

There has been no new progress for the last few months.  We had to unexpectedly move to a new location which halted all work on the project since the new location has a very limited space garage and noise restrictions as well.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to work on it over this Winter season if we can get it into a larger garage without noise restrictions.  More to come later.

Upgrade Begins

The planned upgrade to a 1UZ-FETT setup began yesterday evening. With the help of my good friend Charlie and his garage, we removed the front body panels, battery, airflow meter, air filter, intake pipe, and air filter shield. The plan is to possibly have the 1UZ-FE engine itself removed by the end of the weekend. Here is a slide show of the progress:

2011 Bullseye BBQ

We took the ’89 Toyota Supra up to the 2011 Bullseye BBQ today.  While at the BBQ, we were able to participate in two dyno runs.  Our goal was to get on the dyno in order to get a baseline of where the car’s numbers (HP/TQ) sit right now.  I guessed it would be in the 300+ range at the rear wheels and was not disappointed.

Here are the two youtube videos of the runs. In the first run, the driver’s side PCV line blows out and in both runs the HKS SSQV is leaking intermittently at the high end which is also evident in the graph above:

Next Stage of the Project

We’re getting ready to start the next stage of the project.

  1. We’ve picked up an MR2 electric power steering pump setup which should arrive Monday.
  2. We’re waiting on confirmation whether a seller has five of the eight green top Supra injectors in which case we’ll only need three more.
  3. We are also waiting on confirmation of another seller whether our bid for his/her two CT26 turbos is acceptable.
  4. Finally, we’ll be putting in an order for a Megasquirt III kit with MS3X expansion card in June or July.

The plan?  Put together a twin turbocharged 1UZFE by the end of August. Wish us luck!

New Supra has Arrived

I was reminded that I have not updated the 1UZ-Powered Supra blog in some time. All has been quiet on the 1UZ-Powered Supra project this year; however, we did pick up a second Supra with a built 7M to share the garage with the 1UZ-Powered Supra:

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